TypeShorts 2013
Kabaret Špaček, Brno, 6 September 2013

The fourth edition of TypeShorts is organized as a complement to the international symposium TypeTalks3 in Brno (Czech Republic). It took place on 6 September in Kabaret Špaček.

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TypeShorts™ rules

  1. The talks are to be presented on a stage in café/bar/pub/gallery. Expect relaxed and informal gathering.
  2. Each talk lasts exactly 321 seconds.
  3. We are not going to curate the content of the talks. It is completely up to the speakers if they want to be entertaining or formal, educative, or self-promotional.
  4. Speakers get one beer or a non-alcoholic equivalent. After their talk!
  5. Speakers do not need to register and do not need to pay to attend the TypeShorts evening.
  6. Wearing shorts is not obligatory.


Do you want to talk?

The call for speakers is over now!

Study the rules and send us an email with a brief description or title of your talk. We will confirm your acceptance. Everyone is welcome!


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